Training ball droppers


Slaneyside DogTrace Training ball droppersThe d-balls remote controlled ball dropper is an effective device for motivational training and to train various exercises, e.g.: sending out with down, blind search exercise, retrieve exercises, jumping over a hurdle etc. It is also ideal for agility training and police dogs training. With only one transmitter with the range of 250 m you can operate up to eight d-balls machines in different locations. Every machine can hold up to four balls that may be let out one by one, so it is not necessary to load the machine after each use. The d-ball device enables you to provide the correct reward to your dog at the right time, after a well performed exercise. It is suitable for professional dog sport training and police training as well as for home use

mini d-ball 

The mini d-ball remote controlled ball dropper is a great tool to train the basic command “ heel ”, to practise walking to heel, to attract the dog’s attention or to reward the dog for a well performed exercise. Mini d-ball can be easily attached to the special dog handler’s vest thanks to its Velcro fastening. It is operated by a little transmitter, the ball is let out automatically by pressing the button. This kind of remote control enables the dog handler to eliminate any undesirable and unnecessary movements when rewarding the dog. There are three settings for rewarding the dog, you can choose a ball only, a tone only, or a ball and a tone together. Mini d-ball is suitable for professional dog sport training as well as for home use.

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