How does the Electronic invisible fence work?


The electronic invisible fence d-fence is a modern, safe and highly effective system that enables you to define the boundaries for your dog’s free movement very quickly and easily. This system offers an ideal solution in cases, when your dog does not respect the standard fence and keeps running away from your property, or if you need to demarcate an area within your property and you want your dog to keep out of this area, e.g. a children’s sandpit, a swimming pool, decorative garden beds etc. It is also very easy to install this device in places where it is impossible to use an ordinary fence.

How it works

The invisible electronic fence d-fence consists of a transmitter unit, a receiver and an antenna wire. The transmitter unit sends the signal to the antenna wire which is used to demarcate the correction and warning zone in the defined area. In case the dog, wearing a receiver collar, approaches the first (warning) zone, the receiver starts to emit warning beep tones. If the dog does not react to this type of warning and continues to move forward, towards the antenna wire, the collar receiver emits beep tones together with stimulation impulses (correction zone). It is possible to easily adjust both the stimulation intensity and the width of the correction and warning zones. The number of dogs wearing receiver collars is not limited. The collar is compact, waterproof and thanks to its ergonomic design and low weight it is suitable for all dog breeds. Thanks to the invisible electronic fence, your dog will learn to respect the given boundaries very quickly and it will move just in places, where it cannot be endangered.

Slaneyside DogTrace d-fence Electronic invisible fence

ISIT Function - Interference Signal Intensity Test

ISIT Function – Interference Signal Intensity Test - will measure the intensity of the interference signal in the area where you plan to install the antenna wire. This helps to avoid the potential functionality problems of the d-fence system.

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